Amazon S3 Cloud Source

Visallo includes an S3 plugin to import items from S3. The plugin also provides an extension point for authentication and some configuration options.

Configuration Properties

# default auth identifier (basic_auth, session_auth)

# Configure HTTP client proxy with:

Extension Point for Authentication

If the built in authentication types for AWS are not sufficient (basic, session), plugins can add new ones using the extension point.

  • id (required) [String]

    The unique id for this authentication type, used in the configuration property.

  • componentPath (required) [String]

    Either a React or Flight componentPath to the custom authentication UI.

  • displayName (required) [String]

    Text displayed to user in authentication chooser dropdown.

  • providerClass (required) [String]

    The custom AuthProvider class that translates the configuration object from UI to AWSCredenticals.

Custom Component

Custom components receive loading and errorMessage props (React), attributes (Flight).

When the user completes the authentication form call this.props.onImport (React), or trigger onImport (Flight/legacy). Pass the custom configuration object that the plugins providerClass expects.

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