Graph Node Class

Register a function that can add or remove classes from Cytoscape nodes for custom styling.


Web Plugin

Register the plugin script in a web plugin.

app.registerJavaScript("/org/visallo/examples/graph_node_class/plugin.js", true);

Register Extension

Register the class extension and apply a unknownName class when the vertex is a person with no name property.

visallo.registry.registerExtension('org.visallo.graph.node.class', function(vertex, classes) {
    var name = _.findWhere(, { name: '' })
    var concept = _.findWhere(, { name: '' })
    if (concept && concept.value === '' && !name) {

Register a style extension to test the behavior by adjusting the opacity.

visallo.registry.registerExtension('', function(cytoscapeStylesheet) {
             'opacity': '0.75'

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