Visibility Plugin

Plugin to configure the user interface for displaying and editing visibility authorization strings.

The visibility component requires two FlightJS components registered for viewing and editing:

registry.registerExtension('org.visallo.visibility', {
    editorComponentPath: 'myEditor',
    viewerComponentPath: 'myViewer'

Visibility Editor Component

Describes the form for editing visibility values.


Accessible in plugin as this.attr

  • value: Previous value to populate.


Visibility plugins event contract.

Must Respond to:

  • visibilityclear: Clears the current value.
this.on('visibilityclear', function() {
    // Clear the value'fieldSelector').val('');

Must Fire:

  • visibilitychange: When the value changes. Send valid boolean if the current value is valid for submitting.
this.trigger("visibilitychange", {
    value: "[current value]",
    valid: [ true | false ]

Visibility Display Component

Describes the display of visibility values.


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