Visallo Features

Many featues within Visallo are developed and run as plugins to the system. There are two basic types of plugins, web plugins and graph property worker plugins. Please see the extension point documentation if you'd like to learn how to build your own Visallo plugins.

Web Plugins

The following web plugins come with Visallo, but not all are installed by default.

Feature Description
auth-username-only authentication via username only; useful during development
auth-username-password standard username password authentication
change-email UI plugin allowing users to change their email address
change-password UI plugin allowing users to change their password
admin-user-tools UI plugin allowing users to add/modify/delete users

Graph Property Worker Plugins

The following features are executed as graph property workers that run within the Visallo web application.

Feature Description
email-extractor identification of e-mail address in text
phone-number-extractor identification of phone numbers in text
tika-text-extractor extract text from supported document filetypes using Tika
zipcode-extractor identification of postal codes in text (currently US only)
tika-mime-type sets MIME type metadata property of "raw" properties (e.g. file content) using Tika
mime-type-ontology-mapper sets the concept type property of vertices based on their MIME type

Viewing Active Plugins

You can view a list of all active plugins as well as registered UI extensions under the Plugin section of the Admin panel

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