There are many strategies for locating Visallo configuration properties. By default, Visallo will use org.visallo.core.config.FileConfigurationLoader to load configuration files and org.visallo.core.bootstrap.lib.LibDirectoryLoader to load additional .jar files.

The following directories will be searched in order:

  • /opt/visallo/ for Linux/OS X
  • c:/opt/visallo/ for Windows
  • ${appdata}/Visallo
  • ${user.home}/.visallo
  • a directory specified with the VISALLO_DIR environment variable

All files in /config subdirectories with .properties extensions will then be loaded alphabetically allowing you to override properties in various places.

All .jar files in /lib subdirectories will be added to the classpath.

For the purposes of this guide, $VISALLO_DIR will refer to the parent directory of subdirectories where your config and lib files are stored, regardless of which of the above options you choose to use.

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