The instructions below will help you setup the IntelliJ IDEA IDE for Visallo development. These instructions should work with both the Community and Ultimate editions.


Import Project

Since you've most likely already cloned the Visallo code to your local machine, you'll need to import the project into IntelliJ. From the IntelliJ File menu or launch screen, select Import Project and follow the screenshots below to properly import the project.

IntelliJ Project Import Step 1

Choose the Visallo project directory you've cloned and click the OK button. IntelliJ Project Import Step 2

Select "Import project from external model" and be sure to choose Maven. Click the Next button. IntelliJ Project Import Step 3

There are a lot of settings to choose from here. Just make your selections match the screenshot and click Next. IntelliJ Project Import Step 4

The "build-doclint-none" profile should already be selected. Leave it as is and click the Next button. IntelliJ Project Import Step 5

There should only be one Maven project to import and it should already be selected. If not, choose visallo and click Next. IntelliJ Project Import Step 6

This screenshot shows the selection of JDK version 1.8. You may need to click the plus button near the top left to navigate the filesystem to your installation of JDK 1.8 if you've never done it before. Click the Next button once your screen looks similar. IntelliJ Project Import Step 7

The last step is to name the IntelliJ project. The default should be fine, but you can change it to something else if you really want. IntelliJ Project Import Step 8

Run Configurations

Visallo ships with a collection of useful run configurations for IntelliJ. Unfortunately, importing the project into IntelliJ deletes them from their proper location. To get them back, run the following command from the project root directory.

git checkout .idea/

The above command will re-checkout several files into the $PROJECT_DIR/.idea/runConfigurations directory. These files are the settings for each of the IntelliJ run configurations that ship with Visallo. They should automatically show up in the Run -> Edit Configurations dialog in IntelliJ.

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