Displays justification information

Renders the json justification object. Could be either justification text or full source info with link to source.

One of justificationMetadata or sourceMetadata must be provided. If both justificationMetadata and sourceMetadata are given, only justificationMetadata is used.

Mixes In:


JustificationViewer.attachTo(node, {
    justificationMetadata: {
        justificationText: 'Justification for property here'

Source Reference

JustificationViewer.attachTo(node, {
    sourceMetadata: {
        snippet: '[html snippet]',
        vertexId: vertexId,
        textPropertyKey: textPropertyKey,
        textPropertyName: textPropertyName,
        startOffset: 0,
        endOffset: 42
Name Type Attributes Default Description
linkToSource boolean <optional>
true Show the source link if available
justificationMetadata object <optional>
Name Type Description
justificationText string The text to display
sourceMetadata object <optional>
Name Type Description
snippet string The snippet from source material to display
textPropertyKey string The property key of the text property in source
textPropertyName string The property name of the text property in source
startOffset string The character start index of snippet in source
endOffset string The character end index of snippet in source
vertexId string The vertexId of the source