Add items to menubar

Add additional icons into the menubar that can open a slide out panel or display a component in the content area like the built in dashboard.

For placement hints options, these are the built-in identifiers: dashboard, search, workspaces (cases), products, admin, activity, logout.

All pane type extensions will automatically save/restore pane size as a user preference.


Configuration Properties:
Name Type Attributes Description
title string

The text to display under the icon

identifier string

The unique identifier for this item. Should be valid CSS classname.

icon string

Url to the icon to display

action object

The unique identifier for this item

Name Type Description
componentPath string

The path to a Flight or React component

type string

The type of action when clicked:

  • pane Slide out pane
  • full Use the full content (behind panes)
  • url Open url
welcomeTemplatePath string <optional>

Path to handlebars template file for use in dashboard welcome card.

options string <optional>
Name Type Attributes Default Description
tooltip string <optional>

Different text to display on hover in a tooltip, otherwise displays the title

placementHint string <optional>

If the item is added to top or bottom of menubar

placementHintBefore string <optional>

identifier of another menubar item that this item should be placed before

placementHintAfter string <optional>

identifier of another menubar item that this item should be placed after

Validation Function

Extensions registered must pass this validation check to be used.

function extensionValidator(e) {
    return 'title' in e && 'identifier' in e && 'action' in e && 'icon' in e;